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We've optimized many AI and GPU workflows and put them behind a simple REST API. No more deciding on which GPUs to use, worrying about scalability, managing models, or any of the other headaches that come with using AI in the cloud.

Image Generation

Generate images using ANY model from Hugging Face or CivitAI. Use advanced features like ControlNet, LoRAs, Inpainting, and Upscaling.

Image Generation

Personalized Image Training

Fine-tune your selected diffusion-based model with images of a person's face. Or cats. Or whatever other custom concept you want.

Personalized Image Training

Video Editing Beta

Specify a series of transformations on your video and a source and destination URL. We take care of the rest.

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Render Streaming Beta

Run a Unity, Unreal, or other game engine on our servers and stream the results over an interactive WebRTC session.

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Each API has its own simple pricing. Pay-as-you-go with credits, or ask us about Enterprise plans.

Image Generation

100 credits/prompt

  • Each text string submitted to the API is a prompt. You can use an existing model or one that you create with our Image Training API.
  • No extra charge for advanced features such as ControlNet, image2image, and inpainting.
Image Training

1000 credits/model

  • Each submission of an image bundle and an existing base model to train on will generate a fine-tuned model with the concept of your choice.
  • You can download the generated model if desired. We keep the model on our servers for 7 days.
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